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Construction blocks Mini Waffle Constructor

Blocks Mini Waffle Constructor are designed for kids over the age of 4. In this category you will find sets from 140 elements, which will be a great start to the adventure with blocks from Marioinex, but also sets with as many as 500 elements, for more advanced builders. The possibilities for creating with this type of blocks are endless, starting with cartoon characters through vehicles and buildings. These sets have been supplemented with new elements such as wheels and axles , which expand the possibilities for creation

Creativity with Mini Waffle Constructor blocks

All blocks of the Waffle series can be combined with each other, so if kid already has a set of Waffle bricks, it can easily be expanded with another set. Blocks are packed in a large, durable cardboard box for easy storage. They have a distinctive shape that is safe for kidsfor little hands. They are extremely colorful, so they immediately catch the eye and encourage play. Playing with Mini Waffle Constructor blocks develops imagination, creativity, as well as manual skills. The elements in the sets are flexible, which makes it easy to create even very complicated constructions with them.
The sets come with work sheets. Blocks they are soft, so you can use them to build whatever your kid dreams of, such as your favorite flowers or animals. The set also includes work cards and a booklet with their discussion. Thanks to them, your kid will develop imagination and have even more interesting ideas for using the blocks. Blocks Mini Waffle Constructor are light and soft, yet very durable. The material they are made of feels a little like rubber. Blocks Marioinex can be bent. They are easy to connect and disconnect from each other, so a 4-year-old kid can handle them without too much trouble.

Educational play is a very important element during the development of a small child, but above all it must be safe, so all our products are made in accordance with theEN 71 standard, so that
are CE certified, which defines the safety requirements for toys.