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Blocks with different elements and shapes


Blocks with different shapes

Unlike bricks with identical elements, in such sets we encounter elements with different shapes, different sizes, additions to the sets in the form of connectors, wheels, axles and others. Sets of blocks of different shapes are a whole range of possibilities for creation. Most of the store's assortment actually consists of blocks different shapes.

What blocks of different shapes to choose for a girl?

It all depends on the interests of the little princess, but certainly will appeal to blocks in pastel colors with a predominance of pink. Such sets can be blocks Meli Construktor Pink in various combinations - blocks in cardboard, colorful boxes or plastic resealable containers. A good choice for girls will also be blocks Clics in glitter colors, all packed in a beautiful pink bucket. A fantastic idea for an educational gift for a girl aged 4 and up will be a set of Morphun Junior Pastel blocks of various shapes , consisting of 500 beautiful pastel-colored pieces, from which fabulous horses, castles, wands, doll carriages and much more can be created . Thepredominance of colors of pink, pastel green or blue is what little constructors love.

What blocks of different shapes to choose for a boy?

In theoffer of our store we have avery wide selection of blocks of different shapes for boys aged from 3 to 6 years. Well-chosen blocks for boys can support the proper development of a toddler in various spheres . Great interest among small constructors is certainly aroused by all kinds of vehicles. Building your own car service, moving vehicles, hummer or traffic lights will enable us to build sets such as, Korbo Car Service, Korbo Hummer or Korbo EDU Car. A good choice for a boy will definitely be sets from the Morphun category. The wide range will allow you to match the perfect set to the interests of the little builder. The Morphun 12 Robots set of 465 pieces or the Morphun Spaceships set will always be an apt gift for a boy aged 4 and up.