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Eductional blocks to learn with letters and numbers

Learning to write - blocks with letters

Blocks with letters can be a great addition to the fun of any little builder. In most cases, these blocks contain similar elements as the usual eductional blocks or construction blocks. Combining play with learning is an interesting way to develop a child regardless of his age. Thanks to this kid he will assimilate new skills, plus he will be interested in more elements for his constructions. This type of blocks can be an excellent complement to the standard sets klocków Morphun or Wise-i. Blocks with letters are compatible with the basic sets of the group. They combine easily and can be an interesting prezentem dla 6 latka.

Learning to count - blocks with digits

Blocks with numbers, on the other hand, are unlimited possibilities for developing grouping or counting skills. Playing counting individual blocks and adding the corresponding numbers to them is a complement to early preschool education. Later on, also using the mathematical operations shown on the educational blocks will allow easier familiarization with basic mathematical operations such as addition or subtraction. Learning to count is an interesting variety of any play - especially since plastic blocks are easy to connect and are fully safe even for the younger kids.

Learning through play is the best kind of education

In the category blocks with numbers and letters you will find a great variety of sets that have an educational impact on
kid. Educational form of play is a fantastic alternative for kids, who are bored with learning at a standard notebook or book. Buying a set of Morphun mathematical activities multiplication and division or addition and subtraction we enable the child to acquire new knowledge through play. Easy combination of elements and simplicity of arranging make learning a pleasure. The set contains all the necessary elements for learning simple mathematical operations. Different colors of blocks and numbers and numbers allow easier acquisition of basic actions. Departing from the standard plastic block, a set of small rubber Pix-it elements will also be sensational for learning. The color scheme of the set itself catches kidsthe eye, and learning doesn't have to be boring, so in addition to the Rainbow set there are elements with emoticons, which kids simply love.