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Blocks for kids Meli

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Types of Meli blocks Dimension Age
Meli Minis 1.5 cm 3+
Meli Basic 2.5 cm 3+
Meli Basic Constructor 2.5 cm 3+
Meli Maxi 4.2 cm 1+
Meli Edu 2.5 cm 3+
construction blocks Meli
Construction blocks MELI is an interesting proposition for all small constructors. Diverse sets are designed for both boys and girls. Made of high quality plastic, they are completely safe. Vibrant colors of individual elements encourage long and creative play. The ease of combining makes build interesting structures from them. Identical shapes of individual elements allow to activate imagination while building. kids Each set of blocks also includes sample instructions to get the adventure off to an interesting start.

Blocks Meli for boys and girls

Meli are extremely interesting construction blocks. They will please any kid, who likes to create various constructions from scratch. In our offer there are sets suitable for boys and for girls. For boys we recommend sets from the Meli Basic series (600 elements). They will be able to create from it on interesting models - a digger or an airplane. Of course, it can also be a favorite cartoon character. The previously mentioned set will also be suitable for girls. With so many elements they will easily be able to create a fairy tale princess castle or a beloved pet. Building with bricks develops kidschildren's imagination and provides a lot of fun. Blocks These bricks are made of very high quality plastic. This makes them very durable and absolutely safe for kids. Blocks these blocks are sure to keep your little one occupied for hours.
Thelargest sets of building blocks will guarantee great fun for even several kidsom. With more than 2,000 pieces at their disposal, they will certainly not quarrel over some favorite part and each will be able to create their dream world from the blocks in peace. It is also worth mentioning that blocks Meli are very easy to combine and are a great idea for an interesting gift.

Sets of Meli bricks with different levels of sophistication

Construction blocks Meli look like a puzzle, and as we know, this type of puzzles kids have a great interest and liking. Thanks to their unique shape they allow to build spatial and flat structures. Meli Blocks sets are very diverse, dedicated to both boys and girls. Boys will be pleased with sets from which it will be possible to build airplanes, rockets or knight's castles. Girls, on the other hand, will like sets in candy colors, from which they can conjure up various flowers or colorful playgrounds for their dolls. You can confidently choose between sets with fewer pieces and make another purchase over time.
In advanced sets there are wheels, connectors and hexagons, which will allow for more advanced constructions or, for example, building a car. An undoubted advantage of these bricks is the ease of connecting and disconnecting individual elements. A huge advantage of playing with blocks is exercising the dexterity of little hands and fingers, as well as precision and patience.

Blocks Meli - why is it worth choosing them?

All construction blocks Meli is absolutely a new world for the little ones to discover. Made of safe and touch-friendly materials, packed in functional boxes and allowing endless play. Homogeneous elements allow the creation of imaginative multidimensional and durable structures. Such toys are an opportunity for balanced and good development in many aspects. Developing spatial imagination or small motor skills is important, but it should also not be forgotten that with Meli blocks you can simply have fun, and that with kids sometimes is the most important thing.