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Blocks for older kids Klix Cubes

Blocks Klix Cubes Blocks Klix Cubes - from now on this sound will be associated with great fun. Among the many types of construction solutions, Klix blocks are distinguished not only by the form of the individual pieces, but also by the specific sound they make when they are put together. The characteristic quiet click gave the name to these blocks, and admirers have since associated them with great fun, from which it is difficult to break away. In contrast, blocks Klix not only connects easily, but also detaches easily, allowing you to improve your construction or create a completely new design. However, the need to feel the necessary force makes blocks Klix intended for slightly older preschoolers - it is best to start playing with them at around 5-6 years old. For that there is no upper age limit. It turns out that new possibilities of combining and completely different rules of constructing objects are an attractive activity even for picky 10-year-olds.

What are construction blocks Klix?

The set includes 4 types of modules in three colors - red, yellow and blue. Blocks they connect by light pressure, during which you hear that distinctive sound. Disconnection requires a little more force, but is still relatively easy. Blocks form strong and slightly flexible connections. The shape of the elements was chosen not by accident. Modeled on the skeletal structures of modern buildings, spatial shapes were created, allowing the construction of lightweight, openwork objects. The rules for connecting individual pieces are different than in traditional building blocks, which is an additional challenge, but also a stimulus for developing creative thinking and spatial imagination. What is extremely important, the durable connections of the blocks mean that the created forms can be used as props for further play - without fear of them falling apart at the slightest movement.

What is in the set - klix blocks

blocks in the basic set consist of as many as 300 elements, which gives almost unlimited possibilities of play for at least two kids. They were packaged in an aesthetically pleasing and durable plastic box with a resealable lid, which serves as a container for storing them. The package included an instruction manual with examples of 10 flat and spatial forms, which can be a start for creating your own, much more advanced constructions.

Blocks Klix Cubes are intended for older kids due to a more complicated connection system. Little constructors over the age of 5 will already be able to confidently manage.

Blocks klix Cubes are characterized by a unique connection system and the sturdiness of the models. Vehicles, houses or other buildings are durable, which makes it easy to play.

The advantages are, first of all, extremely durable material, a multitude of construction possibilities and colorful step-by-step instructions. In addition, a sturdy box for storage.