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Blocks from PLN 100 to 200 for kids

What blocks from £100 to £200 is worth buying to make sure your toddler will have great fun with them for many long hours? In this list you will find both sets for the youngest and for a little older kids.

Interesting set klocków dla dwulatka

An excellent choice for a two-year-old will be, among others, magnetic wooden blocks. Thanks to the practical magnets blocks they connect very easily, and making them from wood made them ecological and durable. Each piece has a magnet, so the structures created with these blocks will not fall apart at the first touch. Blocks they have rounded edges, so playing with them is completely safe. The wooden texture makes the individual elements lie well in the hands and do not slip. Your little one, having such a set of blocks, will be able to build, for example, a human or an animal. Wooden blocks are timeless, so playing with them with your child, you will be able to move for a moment with your thoughts to your own carefree kidschildhood.

What set of blocks at this price dla trzylatka?

Three-year-old kid is already much more familiar with creating a variety of constructions from blocks. Therefore, it is a good idea to give him, for example, construction blocks with a very large number of elements. If you search well, you can find at a price of up to PLN 200, even such sets that have 1000 elements. A three-year-old will wonderfully cope with combining not with each other blocks that are in a slightly non-standard shape, for example, puzzles. It is good to choose such a set of blocks, which comes with both detailed instructions and a transparent box for storage.It will allow you to keep the kidsę room tidy on a daily basis

And from which zestawu klocków ucieszy się czterolatek?

Here will work perfectly construction blocks, with a more advanced method of joining. If these are not the first blocks for a four-year-old, then kid has already built many structures. If he likes building with blocks, then he will certainly take on some more difficult challenges.