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Mathematical blocks Newmero

The presence of mathematical games and toys in kidsństwo is hugely important for later human learning opportunities. Blocks Newmero can be used for a variety of games and activities, for example: - learning and building numbers - counting and sorting - completing to 10 (the "friends of tens" game) - adding and subtracting - developing their own strategies needed for quick counting in memory.

Newmero - The joy of counting

Designed with children and for kids,this is blocks Newmero, which develop numeracy skills and help understand the basics of math. They are ideal for kids, who are curious and interested in numbers, but also for those who are not interested and have difficulty learning math. They will also work well for for kids, who are fed up with math because they have been effectively discouraged from it. Numbers as such can be difficult to understand for kids, if they are only written on paper. Kids need to feel and experience numbers with all their senses in order to make learning math easier, faster and, above all, more enjoyable. Blocks Newmero help kidsom understand numbers and the logic behind them.

Blocks mathematical Newmero

When asked what is needed to build the number "534," they will not answer "5, 3 and 4," but "five hundred, thirty and four." This is a huge difference, because "534" is a value, not 3 digits written next to each other.Kids quickly learn on their own the principles used by the designer of the blocks. They work intuitively, and the sense of discovering the unknown and being able to say to themselves "I can", "I understand" strengthens their confidence in themselves and their abilities. The goal of Newmero blocks is to turn the abstract decimal system into a tangible experience.
Understanding numbers by touching, building and unfolding is quite different from writing numbers on a piece of paper. Blocks were designed together with children and for kids. The shape, material, size and weight have been appropriately adapted to the needs of kids and the way they learn about the world.Blocks are manufactured in Europe and made of high quality, strong, PBA-free plastic. Also check out the rest of klocków dla 6 latków.