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Blocks over 200 zł for kids

Nowadays in toy stores there is a very large selection of blocks for kids. Blocks are one of those toys that guarantee the toddler not only a lot of fun, but also develop them.

What blocks above 200 zl will be suitable for your child?

Here we can confidently recommend wooden blocks. Both classic and magnetic ones. They are a good choice for a toddler of this age. Their advantage is that they have simple shapes. Blocks connect and disconnect in a very simple way, so the toddler can play with them independently. It is worth taking some time to choose the right set, because there are really a lot of such blocks in our online store. You can buy your toddler a set of blocks, in which the pieces are in natural color or painted with different colored paints. A good choice is magnetic blocks, because the building created by kid will not fall apart at the first hard touch. If the set of blocks you have chosen, will be too small, then you can buy your toddler another one from the same company and thus, give him even more creative fun. Wooden blocks they are a hit, because kid can thanks to them learn to recognize basic shapes and colors. It has been known for many generations that drewniane blocks are very helpful in the proper development of toddlers.

Plastic blocks are also an ideal choice

For such a high amount of money you can successfully choose for your toddler such blocks, what he dreams of. If he does not like to create advanced constructions from wooden blocks, you can just as well buy him those made of plastic. Plastic onesblocks over 200 zl allow you to build with them, for example, houses or favorite vehicles. Blocks made of plastic are colorful, so they encourage the toddler to play for hours. In addition, when they come from uznanej na rynku firmy, they are safe for kid, do not contain any harmful substances. Blocks made of plastic are also extremely durable and can be expanded with more sets.