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Italian Blocks Ludus

construction blocks Ludus A unique proposition among construction blocks in the offer of our store is a set of wooden blocks Ludus. Wooden planks and colorful wooden connectors create unique combinations for kids, who enjoy playing with wooden building blocks.

Development of child's creativity

Blocks Ludus is also a great time spent putting together spatial buildings and 3D structures. It is a great for future architects and engineers. All the elements in the described set have been made with great attention to every detail, so that the resulting buildings retain their shape.
Thanks to their uncomplicated construction and basic but diverse colors, construction sets of Italian Ludus bricks prove to be a great choice for the youngest builders. Depending on their needs, sets of bricks can be selected due to the number of elements and the models and objects that can be contoured. The youngest will get at their disposal various sets containing many elements, depending on the needs of the child and the free space in the room.

Sets tailored to the requirements of each child

Every young block engineer is different, so it is possible to buy such a set that will be almost personalized for the child. A great support for the beginning is the guide included with each set, which contains sample ideas for objects and descriptions of how to build such models step by step. The building blocks in each set differ in their level of sophistication, starting with the simplest ones (Ludus Wally Wally XL) and ending with those slightly more difficult to put together correctly, while at the same time increasing the motor skills of the little builder (Ludus Michi Tree).
Konstrukcyjne Blocks Ludus can be a unique toy for kids at any age. There are drewniane blocks Ludus, as well as plastic blocks. A wide selection of blocks for younger kids will certainly please all parents who are looking for developmental construction toys. Small sets allow you to see if the blocks data will appeal to your child. Playing with blocks will certainly have a positive effect on psychomotor development and creative thinking skills. These are the most developmental toys designed to bring satisfaction through play. The educational value of these products cannot be overestimated either. Learning through play is one of the best methods of sensory learning. Kids they love to create buildings and constructions - thus becoming little architects or engineers. Also worth emphasizing is the level of simple good fun - because it should not be forgotten that toys were primarily invented to make time more pleasant and enjoyable for the youngest .