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Klocki Gami


Gami Blocks 

The Gami block category combines elements of play, education, and creativity, offering a wide range of construction possibilities for children of various ages. A distinctive feature of these sets is the inspiration from origami art, encouraging children to think spatially and experiment with diverse forms.

Gami block sets are rich in elements – from 250 to 2500 pieces – in pastel or vibrant colors, which not only catches the eye but also inspires creative thinking and develops aesthetic sensitivity.

Unique pockets and flaps allow for the creation of endlessly many configurations, from simple structures to complex three-dimensional buildings

Unique Blocks for Children!

Playing with Gami Meli blocks is not just a pleasure from personally crafted constructions, but also a way to develop manual skills, logical thinking, patience, and accuracy. They constitute an excellent educational tool that combines elements of learning and play.

Perfect for both home use and in educational spaces, such as preschools or school daycares.