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Italian blocks for kids Incastro

construction blocks Incastro nagroda Incastro products include Italian blocks for kids , which undoubtedly stand out from traditional building blocks by their structure. The most distinctive aspect of the brand's toys is the unusual design of the pieces. All blocks are designed in the shape of the letter X, which, combined with their flexible structure, allows you to create unique structures. Kid having at his disposal 4 blocks, he is able to get as many as 16 different combinations, which gives unlimited possibilities for creating any objects on many levels. The only limit is the imagination of the little builder.

Blocks Incastro for kids over 4 years old

The sets we offer are dedicated to kidsom over 4 years old. Individual sets range from 40 to 500 elements characterized by beautiful, saturated colors and high quality workmanship. Soft structure of the elements makes Incastro toys safe blocks for kids , which can be used also by the youngest users. Communing with blocks from toddlerhood, kid successively develops important qualities and skills, such as spatial imagination, creativity, logical thinking, or patience.

Blocks Incastro for girls and boys

Among the products of theIncastro brand there are also construction blocks for girls, which are designed specifically with little princesses in mind. Sets in the version for girls include pastel blocks along with practical Incastro are made in Italy, innovative construction blocks consisting of colorful elements with uniform, intriguing shapes. They can be combined in many planes, so you can build both 2D and 3D objects with them. These can be: bridges, towers, buildings, animals, musical instruments, jewelry, flags, spaceships and many others, the only limitation here is the imagination of the builder. The construction created with Incastro bricks is so strong that you can safely be tempted to make utilitarian items such as photo or book holders, utensils, bottle racks, etc. Construction blocks have been designed by someone who really knows construction and design, namely an architect. The intriguing shape of the elements, the vivid colors and, above all, the number of variants of their combination make with each subsequent construction a new challenge and a question that kid will not leave unanswered - can I?
construction blocks Incastro Blocks theyteach logical thinking - 4 blocks can be combined in as many as 16 ways, so you need to choose among them the one that will open the possibility of obtaining the intended form.
They also teach patience - thanks to the level of complexity of the shape of the blocks, the first attempts to build pose some difficulties. This is because you need to learn the possibilities of the "building block", which requires trials and time. However, the more solutions kid discovers, the higher level it will be able to reach to create repeatedly complex spatial constructions over time. Patience, determination in action, focus of attention, are qualities that kid is just developing.
Construction blocks Incastro are an excellent tool in their formation. They teach that it is worth trying, that a goal can be reached in several ways, and that at the end of the action there is priceless satisfaction waiting for them from their own perseverance to achieve it. It develops spatial imagination - by the time kid starts building, it usually knows what effect it would like to achieve.