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Mag Builder Construction Blocks


Mag Builder blocks will introduce your child to the world of creative play!

Introduce your child to an imaginative world of play with the Mag Builder magnetic blocks set! Carefully crafted to enhance spatial imagination and motor skills, each element opens up limitless possibilities for creativity. Our set features magnetic blocks with movable parts, adding excitement and expanding the scope of creative design. This innovative addition not only develops manual dexterity but also introduces children to fundamental physics principles through interactive experimentation.

Magnetic blocks - many fun possibilities!

Included in the set, comprehensive instructions serve as a valuable tool for inspiration, providing ideas for initial structures and encouraging the creation of unique constructions. Mag Builder is more than just a playset – it's a catalyst for skill development, fostering creativity, logical thinking, and problem-solving abilities in children.

Every little fan of motoring and construction will be delighted!!

For the young automotive enthusiast, this set promises endless entertainment! It comprises various elements, including propellers, wheels, cones, balls, elbows, and more, enabling young builders to unleash their imagination and construct their dream vehicles. Each block is equipped with a discreet magnet, ensuring a secure connection between elements. The magnets are designed to be gentle, allowing children to effortlessly connect and disconnect the blocks. This feature makes constructions resistant to accidental disruptions, enhancing the durability of the structures and elevating the satisfaction of play.