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Blocks for a one-year-old child


Blocks for the youngest is the best form of development of basic cognitive and motor functions. Toddlers are constantly absorbing new information from the very beginning, and their brain is working at full speed. Therefore, every day we should take care of its proper stimulation as well as development. Playing with blocks is not only a wonderfully spent time, but also creates an excellent educational form.

Sorters - ideal blocks for a one-year-old child

Our little kids need special attention and care from an early age, in order to help the child in the initial learning of the world, it is advisable to supply specially designed blocks from the age of 1. Blocks for a one-year-old child sorter type, which, among other things, can be found in this category, are the best solution for exercising the hands of the youngest and help in the development of their motor skills. Colorful sorters that not only entertain, but also stimulate kidsthe child's imagination and creativity are always a good gift.

How to choose blocks for year-olds kids and what to pay attention to?

With the selection of the right toy for the developmental age of the child is not easy. Kids they grow so fast, and their skills and desire to learn about the world is increasing day by day. Many times choosing the right blocks can cause trouble. Which blocks for an infant will be better? For toddlers from the age of one, the most important element we must focus on when choosing the right set is their development, so sorters, blocks in the form of puzzles, dominoes or educational mosaics will be a good option. An additional car of toys for the youngest is the quality of their workmanship. First of all, let's pay attention to their size, it excludes swallowing, any of the elements. The second important advantage is the possibility to buy in our offer products made of Bio plastic derived from sugar cane.

Safe and certified blocks for one-year-old toddlers

Year-old kid learns about the world according to its own criteria, many times using all the senses at once. Touch, of course, plays a very important role here, but eye-hand coordination, should also be developed. It is important that the choice should always fall on proven and safe brands. All our blocks for babies are made in accordance with the EN 71 standard, which makes them CE certified, which defines the safety requirements for toys. Also check out wooden blocks for a one-year-old baby.

The right size of the pieces is the most important, because it will exclude possible swallowing or choking. Small kids as it is known, they test toys in different ways, tasting everything that comes into small hands. In view of this, it is necessary to provide them with safe play in the first place. Kids around the age of 1 year intensively develop their manual skills. With great curiosity they learn about shapes, textures or states of matter. A good suggestion for kid year-old will be blocks Elfiki. Blocks made of unique fully ecological plastic in beautiful pastel colors.

An interesting idea for creative play with younger children over the age of one year certainly are various types blocks. Kids they need our involvement, attention and care from an early age. In learning about the world will be helpful eductional blocks, which through their shapes, colors and texture will stimulate tiny hands. The best toys for toddlers are those that will not only provide entertainment, but create opportunities to develop important skills. When choosing blocks for toddlers, one should be guided primarily by such criteria as the size of the individual elements and the quality of the material from which they are made.

Year-old kids learn about the world through their sense of touch and taste. They are curious about the color of toys. They are curious about everything. So we satisfy the basis of the need to learn about the world and thus develop imagination through playing with blocks.