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Polish construction blocks Korbo

construction blocks

All blocks Korbo means endless interesting fun and proper development kids. All sets of bricks connect with each other and allow for long and interesting play with moving elements. The elements are easy to connect with each other, and the vivid colors attract attention.

Choosing the right set for each little builder will not be a problem here, Korbo company has taken care of a wide selection and great variety. Each set is packaged in beautiful colorful boxes, both cardboard and durable, aesthetically pleasing plastic containers with lids.

Blocks Korbo for kids from 3 years old

In this category you will find sets designed for kids from the age of 3, as well as blocks for 4- and 5-year-old admirers of building more complex structures. First of all, it should be noted that you can buy, both a set for one child and a whole group of small builders. Each set comes with instructions, but some have been further enhanced with books of worksheets.

Korbo building block sets for kids

In this category you know themed sets for both boys and girls. Does your little one like to tinker? The best solution will be sets such as Korbo Machine or Korbo Technix, which allow you to understand the basic principles of physics. Every little princess likes to play with dolls, the Korbo Pink set, consisting of as many as 110 elements, will allow you to build a moving playground or a driving vehicle in beautiful girly colors. When you buy your child a set of Korbo Space blocks, you enable him or her to have an educational form of play to understand the rotation of the planets around the sun. There will also be a set for little musicians, giving, among other things, the opportunity to arrange and play various rhythmic sequences, understand the duration of the corresponding note values or distinguish the pitch of sounds.

Why is it worth stocking kidschildren's bookshelf with construction blocks Korbo?

First of all, it is a great alternative to learning through play. Construction blocks Korbo will help increase a toddler's manual skills. Connecting small pieces is sometimes quite a challenge for him, but that's okay. In addition, construction blocks Korbo teaches the child patience, accuracy and strategic, logical thinking. Surely for any parent a big advantage of them will also be that they are completely safe for kid.