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Construction blocks Morphun Hi-Qube


Plastic blocks building blocks of the well-known and renowned Morphun brand are unique toys offering countless possibilities for creating objects of various shapes. Sets of toys from the Hi-Qube series, in addition to standard blocks, additionally contain triangular elements with characteristic joints on the sides, as well as connectors and circles, which significantly increase the number of available combinations.

By connecting successive segments together kid can develop spatial imagination, creativity, as well as logical thinking skills. Playing with blocks allows us to combine good and engaging fun with educational elements, so that our child can gradually acquire important skills. The sets we offer include blocks for kids 3+, which have been fully adapted to the needs of the youngest users....

Blocks Morphun Hi-Qube safe for kids

Whatdistinguishes the toys of the Hi-Qube PreSchoolseries is, first of all, the content of larger elements that are safe for the toddler. The feature that characterizes all Morphun toys is the high quality of workmanship, which translates into their durability. As a result, blocks these toys are resistant to crushing, damage or accidental deformation. Toys from the Hi-Qube Kindergarten series include blocks construction toys for kindergarten, which are dedicated kidsom over 4 years of age. These sets contain a greater number of varied pieces that allow the construction of complex objects, from buildings and bridges to vehicles with moving wheels. A big advantage of Morphun bricks is that they are compatible with Lego toys from the Duplo series, which allows you to expand the sets you have.

Characteristics of Morphun Hi-Qube building blocks

The latest blocks Morphun Hi-Qube are characterized by unique features. Blocks these blocks can connect sides, which significantly expands the possibilities of play. In addition, blocks connect with the well-known LEGO Duplo bricks and by using additional elements such as triangles, circles and connectors, they allow even more fun. Blocks they fall into two categories: Hi-Qube Pre-school - recommended for kids for ages 3 and up, and Hi-Qube Kindergarten - recommended for kids for ages 4 and up. All sets include colorful step-by-step instructions. Each set is packaged in an aesthetically pleasing resealable container.