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Construction blocks Midi Waffle

Blocks Midi Waffle is a brand new version of the well-known and loved Marioinex Waffles. Enlarged version of the blocks gives the opportunity to create kidsom from 2 years old! Elements with a size of 5.5 x 5.5 cm allow you to build stable structures in 3D.

Why buy a set of blocks Midi Waffle?

The age category, which has been assigned, to this type of blocks is not accidental. Kid at such a young age must primarily develop, so such a set of blocks will be ideal. The size of the blocks completely excludes swallowing any of the elements, so play is completely safe. Buying any of the sets from the Midi Waffle series kid acquires logical thinking skills, develops creativity, expands imagination and exercises manual skills.

What will you find in the set?

In this category you will find sets starting from 22 elements, which will be a great start to the adventure with blocks from the Waffle series, but also sets for more advanced builders consisting of 90 elements, or even 150! Blocks were made of soft, pleasant to the touch, slightly plastic material. Larger sets have been packaged in aesthetically pleasing and durable cardboard boxes, which will help keep kidsę room tidy.

Each set comes with instructions that will provide excellent initial inspiration. The instructions included with the kits suggest to the little builders how to create a model of a shark, an ostrich, a rocket or a submarine, but here we especially count on the child's creative invention. The possibilities for creation are endless, so the only limitation is kidsthe child's imagination.

Safety of play

Educational form of play is a very important element during the development of a small child, but first of all it must be safe, so on our site you will find age groupings referring to safety of play. All products in our offer have been made in accordance with the EN 71 standard, which makes them CE certified, which defines the safety requirements for toys.