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Wooden blocks for preschools

Newer and more original toys for toddlers can be found on store shelves. However, kids already have it in their nature that they are most likely to reach for such toys that they know very well. This is best seen, for example, in the kindergarten, when toddlers, have to play with other children. Wooden blocks have been one of the most popular toys for many generations. Where does this love for ordinary blocks come from? What makes us remember them with great fondness even as adults? The reason is that blocks have a huge advantage over other toys. Like no other, they develop kidsthe child's imagination, creativity, eye-hand coordination and manual skills. In addition, thanks to the fact that the sets usually include different colored shapes, preschool ladies can teach kids color recognition. The fact that blocks made of wood have different shapes makes it possible to use them also to teach basic mathematical operations. And as we know, most kids have problems with math. It is advisable to start teaching it at the preschool stage.

Blocks of this material is an excellent toy for preschoolers

Preschoolers are long past the stage when playing with blocks consisted only in destroying buildings created by their parents. Kidsaki in kindergarten already know how to create buildings on their own. They have a very well-developed ability to anticipate and think creatively, which will also come in handy at school. With wood blocks toddlers in kindergarten can create any building they want. Although most manufacturers include detailed instructions with the sets, it is worth giving kidsom themselves to create structures according to their own ideas. Blocks made of wood are a very good toy for both boys and girls. In addition, thanks to the fact that wood is extremely durable, such blocks can be used in the nursery for many long years. At the very end, it is also worth mentioning that drewniane blocks are extremely safe for kids, because they do not contain any harmful substances.

Wooden blocks

As we have already mentioned, wooden blocks are characterized, above all, by their durability, which translates into their long life. In this category you will find many interesting sets that are sure to appeal to your child. Noteworthy are sets of the Kooglo brand, which are found on our store in many variants, sets with fewer elements, through medium-sized sets and finally those with as many as 100 elements. You can buy sets of Kooglo wooden blocks both in natural, classic wood color and those with colorful hand-painted elements. It all depends on your kid's tastes, there is something different for every child here.