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Australian blocks for kids Little Architect

Blocks in the education of a child play an extremely important role. Through them, our child gradually learns creativity, patience, or logical thinking from an early age. The use of building blocks as toys is extremely versatile, which makes them an effective educational tool, through which learning takes place in an accessible and interesting for kid way. It is with the intellectual development of kids in mind that blocks for stacking was created from the Little Architect series. The kits come with worksheets designed to build specific objects. Each box contains colorful instructions, based on which the illustrations shown should be reproduced. Building structures from the blocks requires the child to be perceptive and analyze how the various elements should be placed.

What is worth knowing about Little Architect bricks?

Plastic blocks bricks from the Little Architect series include thematic sets with such themes as animals, letters and numbers, or characters. By performing successive tasks, the toddler learns planning, as well as successively memorizes various shapes and spelling rules. In this way kid not only acquires useful skills, but also has a lot of fun. The sizable number of elements in Little Architect sets means that playtime does not get boring quickly. Concerned about safety kids, all toys are made of durable and high-quality plastic. The plates included in the sets further increase the strength of the constructions, protecting them from accidental damage.

Assumptions of Little Architect building blocks

One of the main assumptions of the Little Architect series of building blocks is the effective and comprehensive development of the child, achieved by building on the work sheets included with each set. Sometimes these will be characters, animals or other arbitrary elements of the world surrounding the young builder (Build a Picture). Other times letters and numbers (Letters and Numbers set). Nothing stands in the way of combining play with several sets of bricks, urging your child to create signatures for their previously built objects. In addition to creativity and great fun, kid, by the way, increasingly masters the rules of spelling and correct spelling of words. The number of parts in each set is also impressive. In the set Little Architect-Build a Picture we will find as many as 900 of them! The plates attached to the sets, make the building process itself much more pleasant and easy, as they allow you to plan the arrangement of the elements with each other, and make the resulting construction durable and will not be destroyed, even after a fall from a great height.