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Construction blocks Waffle Standard


Waffer blocks Standard

Waffer blocks Standard is an enlarged version of the waffles you know and love so well.Blocks with dimensions from 4,5 - 22 cm give kidsom endless possibilities for creation. Created constructions from blocks of size 22 cm, are solid and durable. A girl building a doll's castle will be able to enjoy further play for a long time. A boy, on the other hand, building a garage for his cars will have to work hard to implement some changes in the built garage. Blocks of such sizes primarily excite kids in terms of the possibility of building things that they will continue to use, they can create their own story of fun!

In this category, you will find as many as 5 different sets of Standard Wafer blocks. For every child, you will find something different here. Waffer blocks Standard are designed
for kids for ages 2 years and older. A set that can be an excellent start to the adventure with blocks from this series is waffer blocks Cube consisting of 48 elements. Another interesting solution is the set of Wafle blocks 170 elements packed in an aesthetically pleasing, durable cardboard box, which is perfect for a gift for both a boy and a girl.

Educational form of play is the best way to develop a toddler at such a young age. Toddlers playing, creating with building blocks, first of all develop imagination, build what they think about. Playing with blocks supports the development of little hands!

Marioinex is a company with traditions and a mission. Marioinex creates not only construction blocks, but also other toys, the common feature of which is that they are created with passion, heart and great precision. They are blocks, which have exceptional workmanship, beautiful colors and design.The mission of this company is to help kidsom in their development. Playing with them increases spatial imagination, promotes motor coordination, manual skills and creativity.