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Blocks up to PLN 100 for kids

Who hasn't played with blocks in kidsństwie? Nowadays, the sets available in stores have the advantage over the blocks you know from your early years, that they are very colorful, aesthetically pleasing and affordable. When you have 100 zloty to spend, you can find at this price really a lot of interesting sets, which are composed of a wide variety of elements.

What blocks can you find in stores?

When choosing blocks for kid, remember not to reflexively reach for the cheapest set. There is a very high probability that such blocks will be of poor quality. If they are made of plastic, they can not only contain toxic substances in them, but also break, which will be very dangerous for the toddler. It is much more cost-effective to choose blocks from a well-known company, which will be worth literally every penny spent on them. Below you will find several sets of building blocks, which are within the amount of PLN 100. With each of our suggestions we will specify the age of the child and highlight what is special about a particular set. For 100 zloty you can safely buy extremely interesting, multi-element themed sets. Among our proposals you will find ones that will be suitable for both boys and girls of different ages. The number of elements in the sets we found varies depending on the manufacturer and the collection of building blocks. The smallest sets have about 30 elements, and the largest about 300. At this price you can buy both plastic blocks, and traditional wooden blocks.

What blocks up to 100 zł do we recommend?

Dla dwulatka the best choice will be, for example, construction blocks Meli Maxi, which contain large, colorful puzzle-shaped elements. Kid can build from them, for example, a vehicle or a beloved pet. A three-year-old will certainly enjoy a large set of Meli Basic building blocks. For example, one that contains as many as 300 elements. He can play with such blocks alone or together with his siblings.Blocks up to PLN 100 are also produced, among others, by such companies as Loowi, Ludus, orMarioinex .