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Construction blocks Mini Waffle

Blocks Mini Waffle helps support kids development through play. The sets include cards that allow kidsom to learn new skills. By following the instructions in them, they can learn to create first simple and then more advanced constructions from these unique pieces. Playing with Mini Waffle blocks will help fix the child's habit of linear execution of tasks, and this in turn will lead to the development of the left hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for logical thinking, synthesis and visual analysis. In addition, playing with Mini Waffle blocks promotes the development of spatial imagination and helps improve the motor skills of the hands and fingers, called fine motor skills.
The unique construction blocks Blocks Mini Waffle blocks have been manufactured by Marioinex for more than 20 years. They are excellent for promoting the development of spatial imagination in kids. In addition, sets of Mini Waffle bricks interconnect. This allows kid to add more pieces to them, which will further enhance his creativity. Playing with these construction blocks is also a great opportunity to practice manual skills. With Mini Waffle blocks kid can create not only buildings, but also characters and animals. They are designed for kids for ages 4 to 6. They have interesting shapes. They are safe for kids and easy to put together. Blocks Marioinex they are made of very durable plastic. They can be used to build flat and spatial forms. In our offer we have several different interesting sets. These are sets containing intermediate size pieces, which fall into two categories: Mini Waffle, Mini Waffle Constructor. Every kid will find something for themselves. The sets are packaged in aesthetically pleasing and durable cardboard boxes, which will help to keep things in order.

Educational form of play is a very important element during the development of a small child, but above all it must be safe, so all our products are made in accordance with the EN 71 standard, so that
are CE certified, which defines the safety requirements for toys.