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Blocks with letters and numbers for kindergarten

Blocks, which have letters or numbers on them, can be an excellent toy. Certainly, any preschooler will do better with the alphabet in school when they learn it while playing with blocks. This kind of blocks will be a great teaching aid for kindergartens. Thanks to them, you can teach a toddler not only the basic letters, but also reading and writing. The kindergarten teacher can start such learning by showing toddlers the sound and appearance of letters. Another way of learning can be sorting blocks or arranging them in alphabetical order. With the help of educational blocks, preschoolers have the opportunity to learn both lowercase and uppercase letters. When they are placed on colorful blocks, it is easier for the child to remember them. Eductional blocks for kindergartens, they are most often made of wood or plastic. Although both of these materials have different properties, they are sturdy and safe for kids. Blocks with letters are recommended for kids from 3 to 6 years of age. Blocks with letters are produced by many reputable companies. Worth mentioning here include: Little Architect, Morphun, Newmero, Pix-it, or Wise

Blocks with numbers - they guarantee pleasant learning of mathematics

Educational blocks with numbers allow preschoolers to learn math in a fun way. Thanks to them, toddlers not only learn basic numbers and mathematical signs, but also can learn addition, subtraction and other mathematical operations. In our offer you will find a great number of sets, which include blocks with both letters and numbers. Noteworthy among them are the sets of Morphun math blocks - Mathematical games. This set contains as many as 175 pieces, so it will be ideal for kindergarten. In this set you can find numbers and mathematical activities. There are eight worksheets in the set. However, when it comes to learning about letters, we highly recommend Blocks Wise - Music and Letters. Thanks to the fact that there are 132 elements in it, more kids can play with it at the same time . Blocks with letters and numbers is an excellent choice for kindergarten.

Learning through play is the best kind of education

In thecategory blocks with numbers and letters you will find a great variety of sets that have
educational impact on kid. Educational form of play is a fantastic alternative for kids, who are bored with learning at a standard notebook or book. Buying Morphun mathematical activities set multiplicationand division or addition and subtraction we enable the child to acquire new knowledge through play. Easy combination of elements and simplicity of arranging make learning a pleasure. The set contains all the necessary elements for learning simple mathematical operations. Different colors of blocks and numbers and numbers allow easier acquisition of basic actions. Departing from the standard plastic block, a set of small rubber Pix-it elements will also be sensational for learning. The color scheme of the set itself catches kidsthe eye, and learning doesn't have to be boring, so in addition to the Rainbow set there are elements with emoticons, which kids simply love.