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Plastic blocks for preschools

We have no doubt that every kindergarten should have blocks made of plastic. Why? This is because they have many invaluable advantages and additionally support the holistic development of toddlers.

Blocks made of plastic are safe

When you are thinking about what toys to choose for the nursery, your priority should be the safety of your charges. When looking for blocks made of plastic, pay attention to the fact that the elements present in the sets do not have any sharp edges, nor are they too small. Plastikowe blocks still have the advantage that, unlike wooden blocks, they are very light. Even when kid throws them at someone, there is little chance of hurting another toddler. Blocks made of plastic are a good choice for kindergarten also because they are very simple to keep clean. Just wash them with soapy water or wet wipes. Blocks made of plastic are also more hygienic than blocks made of wood.

Can blocks made of plastic be used for educational purposes?

Of course they can. Thanks to blocks made of plastic kids they can learn to distinguish pierwsze literki i cyferki or build a robot themselves, among other things. Blocks made of this material can also be very helpful in developing kidscreativity and spatial imagination

Are blocks made of plastic sturdy enough to work well in kindergarten?

As much as possible. There are many companies on the market that specialize in producing safe and durable sets of blocks made of this material. These can include, for example: Clics & Clicformers, Incastro, Little Architect, Loowi, or Meli. Choosing these blocks do przedszkola, you can be sure that they will be the right choice even for a very large group of preschoolers. Blocks made of plastic from these manufacturers, do not break, do not have any sharp edges, or harmful substances for kidsthe body. Blocks come in sets that are very diverse in terms of the number of elements.