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Blocks for girls

Fortunately, blocks has long ceased to be associated with a toy for boys. That is, only and exclusively for them. Currently, there is such a gigantic selection of building blocks on the market that they will meet the expectations of both boys and girls. After all, some girls also like to create interesting buildings from scratch.

What interesting blocks for girls we have in our offer?

Here we will list a few suggestions and we sincerely hope that any of them will please your little girl. If she likes pastel colors, she will certainly like any of zestawów firmy Meli. Blocks are shaped confusingly similar to puzzles. They are dominated by pink and other pastel colors. They are just perfect for building princess castles, horses, cats, trees and other toys for girls. Blocks from this manufacturer are characterized by the fact that they are very easy to connect and disconnect. Blocks will provide every girl with sensational fun for many hours. The smallest set available from us has 50 pieces, and the largest has more than 200.

Girls also love dinosaurs

Although at first it might seem that these prehistoric reptiles have admirers only among boys, this is a wrong thinking. Girls also like to build dinosaurs with blocks. In order for her to have the opportunity to do so, buy your girl friend or daughter a set Morphun Dinosaurs 110 pieces. Thanks to the fact that these blocks are extremely colorful, they encourage play and even girls will not be afraid, reptiles built from them. They can build a great variety of dinosaurs from Morphun blocks for girls. With this set they can also expand their knowledge in this area. Toys for girls perfect for a gift.

Pastel letters and numbers for girls

If you are looking for blocks for girls, which will interest a little older kid, then we recommend you a set coming from firmy PIX-IT. On each block there is a letter, a number or an emoticon. We also have other interesting blocks for girlsin our online store. A toy for girls does not always have to be in pink, although the vast majority of little princesses are crazy about it, you will also find other color combinations. Blocks for girl they must be, above all, in the favorite colors of the little princess, which will make the first impression and encourage play. Construction blocks for girls are characterized by pastel colors with a predominance of pink. You will find many such sets on our site,we hope that one of them will appeal to you.

Blocksthat teach and entertain

Universal in color scheme or because of the characteristic pink, dedicated especially for girls, construction blocks allow you to create spectacular buildings, characters or vehicles. Series with sea creatures, robots, space or princesses will allow to interest any little fan of blocks. The sets include hundreds of different colored elements. Different shapes and ways of combining will trigger the love of constructing and demonstrate new skills. You can also create imaginary characters of animals or people from the blocks. In our offer you will find blocks balls, crosses, squares, stars or silicone suction cups. You can adjust each set to the manual abilities of little kidshands. Choosing them as gifts for girls, you will also adapt them thematically to your child's interests and tastes. Some of the sets are universal in nature, so given to girls, they can also be played with among siblings or a group kids.

Safe blocks created for great fun

Offered in our store blocks are made of high quality materials. For the youngest ones, who get to know objects organoleptically, we also offer ecological blocks made of plastic made from sugar cane. An additional attraction in some sets of blocks are built-in special attracting magnets. Such magnetic blocks will allow to build connections on a plane, as well as three-dimensional spatial constructions. Easily connected pieces create durable models that do not topple over with slight movement. As a result, the results of work and play can be seen for as long as kids wishes. Such durable constructions can also be made from many other blocks, whose precise connections do not encourage the youngest to play creatively. Safe plastics do not contain harmful phthalates or BPA substances. Thanks to a variety of colors, they are perfect as gifts for girls. They can be used to arrange both characters in clothes of different shades, and a country homestead with a colorful house and green grass, or towns where dolls or toy animals will live.

Toys for girls are often associated with dolls, kitchens, dollhouses, styling sets, etc. They are often themed around family roles, fashion, beauty, cooking, etc. These toys often reflect stereotypes about girls, such as interest in home, fashion, cooking, etc.
However, as with boys, each kid is individual and may have different interests, not always in line with the usual stereotypes. Therefore, it is important not to suggest only the gender of the child when choosing toys. Kids should have the opportunity to explore different toys and find those that suit them best.

When it comes to choosing toys for girls for a gift, you should be guided primarily by the interests of the child. Sets of blocks in pastel or rainbow colors seem to be a good idea.