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Decorative packaging for building blocks

Is having a little "block-maniac" at home doomed in advance to omnipresent clutter? Of course not! In addition to the boxes presented in other categories at blocks, we are pleased to offer our customers another, but no less functional solution in the form of pouches, signed with the name of our store

An ingenious way to store

The offered pouches with string, also known as pouches, show high strength and capacity qualities. They hold about 9 liters of blocks, and their universal colors will appeal to girls as well as boys. They open and close easily, all thanks to a special drawstring. Invaluable because of their practical use. They significantly save time, reducing the stress of constant cleaning. And on top of that, they provide mobility. The blocks for kids contained in it can be freely taken with you to the garden or on a trip out of town. And all this without worrying about getting lost

Decorative packaging

What would be the most beautiful set of educational bricks if it did not have a special setting. And it is, of course, the right packaging. Colorful, aesthetically pleasing, at the very sight causing a WOW effect. Therefore, to meet the expectations of all consumers, we offer a packaging service. We place the ordered toys in a cardboard box, wrapping them in gift paper. We send the gift prepared in this way to the customer's address, enjoying the satisfaction of your kids! We cordially invite you to shop!