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Blocks for narrative games for kindergartens

Narrative play involves the toddler first creating some sort of construction, such as vehicles or animals, out of blocks and then playing with them. Toys built with blocks become characters of stories told and invented by kid.Blocks for narrative play are designed for kids from 2 to 4 years old. Even a two-year-old, with the help of a parent or preschool caregiver, is able to, make up a story and have a lot of fun doing it. When it comes to narrative games, three manufacturers of building blocks come to the fore. All of them can be found in our offer.
Blocks Ludus - For the youngest kids
Blocks Ludus will be ideal for a two-year-old who has hit kindergarten. This company produces both small sets, from which you can build individual animals, and large sets, from which you can create all your favorite animals. This largest set in our offer, that is, having 100 pieces, will be directly perfect for the kindergarten. From this set preschoolers can build as many as four animals. These are: a turtle, an octopus, a caterpillar and a snail. Blocks are fabulously colorful and are sure to bring a smile to the face of any two-year-old.

Blocks Obludarium - for animal lovers
We offer a set of blocks from this company, which contains 62 pieces. At first it may not seem like much, but thanks to a very interesting way of combining them, you can really create a lot of constructions from them. These blocks are used to build adorable animals out of them and then play with them. Thanks to the fact that blocks do not disconnect on their own, there is no fear that the created toys will be destroyed during play.

Blocks LinkaZoo -You can use them to create a real zoo
A great advantage of these blocks is that even this smaller set has more than 100 pieces. It is a good option for kindergarten, because thanks to the fact that there are very different animals in it, preschoolers can learn to recognize them and learn their habits.