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Blocks gift

When you choose blocks, they must be suitable for the age of the child. However, you should also know that the simpler the set of blocks is, the better it will develop kidsthe child's imagination and creativity. Creating buildings with blocks allows a toddler to express what he feels. That's why it's a good idea to choose building block sets that provide opportunities to make other constructions than just the ones in the instructions provided by the manufacturer. At the very beginning, when kid gets the first ones in its life blocks (e.g. zabawki magnetyczne), there is a high probability that instead of building something with them, it will only demolish them. There is nothing to worry about, because this is a natural stage in the development of a toddler. Surely, after some time, he will attempt to create the first structure in his life with blocks. Most likely, at first kid he will try to connect two or three blocks, but over time he will learn to create very advanced structures

What are the advantages of building with blocks?

Although you probably have different gift ideas for your little one, it is worth it, is to buy him blocks. We know that there are simply a lot of toys on the market, but this proposal (and among them blocks for girls ) is the most universal. They are suitable for kids from 2 to 6 years of age. They come in a wide variety of prices. You can buy the simplest sets for as little as PLN 50. Blocks they support not only the development of creativity, but also manual dexterity, eye coordination and spatial imagination.

What can you play with blocks?

With blocks you can teach kid color recognition. The sets usually include fabulously colorful pieces. You can ask kid, to give you block a certain color. It is a good idea to start with two or three colors, and then gradually increase the number. Eductional blocks are a good option for slightly older kids. Thanks to them toddlers can learn to recognize letters and numbers. Blocks will be a good gift for any child. If he has a set from a certain company, it is often an excellent idea to buy another one, so that they harmoniously combine with each other

Blocks - versatile toys for gifts

Choosing a toy for a gift is always a kind of challenge. If you're buying it for your child, it's certainly easier for you, but what if you're just preparing gifts for the holidays, and among them also something for the youngest members of a large family? What to buy your little niece or a few-year-old nephew, or the child of relatives you want to go to during the holidays?

A quick research will help, of course, but if it is impossible, it is worth choosing something timeless and universal. Such gifts include blocks. They stimulate creativity, and with the ability to choose pieces in different shapes, colors and sizes, it's easy to hit the fancy kids. What's remarkable about the blocks is that even if kid already has the same set, they'll be happy to add another to their toys to increase the construction possibilities.

Wooden blocks, silicone, magnetic or plastic?

Among the different types of building blocks, you can choose the classic wooden pieces, which have not gone off the lists of top Christmas gifts for years. Plastic ones, on the other hand, blocks, you can buy in so many forms that probably many adults will be happy to help toddlers assemble them and create all sorts of constructions.

One popular and well-liked form is magnetic blocks, which allows kidsom to learn the basic principles of physics, and moving parts make the fun more interesting. Blocks they also teach patience and precision in action.

For younger kids you can choose large and lightweight blocks wafer type, which are easy to assemble together, and the rounded edges are completely safe for them. For slightly older ones, choose colorful animals for which they can create a private jungle on a special platform.

On the other hand, silicone blocks with suction cups will delight curious toddlers, and numerous elements will allow them to activate the deepest recesses of their imagination. Many of the sets, you will buy in practical packaging with a lid or cap. So the original set can be stored among other toys, without the need to buy additional containers.

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When choosing blocks for a gift, it is advisable to be guided by the child's interests. For small creative constructors it is worth choosing construction blocks. For girls there are dedicated sets in colors that are liked by girls. There are themed sets like space, fire department or animals to build. The most important rule is to choose a toy adapted to the age of the child. There is no need to go beyond that, because too much difficulty is often unnecessary frustration that something doesn't work out. And that's not what we want, after all.

Safety, necessary certifications, size of elements, size of sets if we are thinking of more kids, age-appropriateness.

When it comes to blocks as a gift, there are many different options to choose from. Here are some suggestions: Blocks Morphun or Loowi. Blocks These are available in various themed sets, such as buildings, vehicles or animals. Magnetic blocks: magnetic blocks allow you to build three-dimensional structures. They are easy to use and kids can create a variety of shapes and models.Wooden blocks: wooden blocks are durable and eco-friendly. They are also safe for kids and can be used for a long time.

Blocks for a gift can be a great idea, as they are toys that develop a child's imagination, hand-eye coordination and manual skills. Blocks of different types allow the creation of various structures and models, which allows the child's creativity to develop. Blocks they can also be a toy for the whole family, as kids often enjoy playing with them in the company of parents or siblings, which is an opportunity to play together and build relationships.