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Wooden blocks


Timeless wooden blocks for kids is an indispensable item in any home, educational institution or play areas for the youngest and those a little older. A variety of designs, colors, stacking systems make it possible to play with small elements endlessly, and each construction can give great satisfaction. No wonder then that blocks, which we offer at, are eagerly chosen as a gift on very different occasions. It will always be a hit.

Wooden blocks for kids made of natural raw material

Classic and modern wooden blocks for kids is the best way to spend time creatively, develop competence, and learn cooperation and, of course, motor coordination. It is also the best way to stimulate creativity and exercise small motor skills. And that's why blocks is already being reached by the youngest kids, and older children will find in spatial shapes many opportunities to put up a tall tower, a sturdy bridge or a city with buildings and roads. The possibilities are many, so you can stack, tear down, arrange and so on ad infinitum.

Safe blocks from wood for kids

Eco-friendly blocks are, above all, safe. They are made of certified materials and do not deteriorate. As a result, they can easily serve future generations. They also do not harm the environment, which is why they fit in so well with modern trends and become the best alternative to plastic toys. Thanks to their unusual form, wooden blocks allow uninhibited entertainment, in which the rules are dictated by imagination and the laws of physics, rather than by instructions.

Why should you buy your child wooden blocks?

It is always a good idea to match blocks made of wood to the capabilities and age kids. Thanks to this, such play will always provide joy and satisfaction, and certainly caregivers, for whom such toys are a memory kidsof childhood and a kind of symbol of carefree, will also join in the activity on the carpet or table. And the number of ideas for spending time creatively is unlimited. It is also worth remembering that toys made of natural materials such as wood are returning to favor in a big way, and more and more people are willing to invest in attractive and diverse proposals that are durable, safe and become the best competition for dolls, smartphones, electronic gadgets. Besides, by the way, you can learn shapes, colors, letters or numbers, and there is no better learning than education through play. See which of our suggestions will be perfect for your child.

Wooden blocks, or fun for small and large

The first toys that appeared centuries ago were mainly made of wood. Since those days, so many years have passed, and we still go back to those best sources. Natural or painted wooden blocks, as well as other toys made of this material are among the most valued in the world today. Their admirers include residents of the most technologically advanced country, Japan. Appreciating the craftsmanship and extraordinary imagination of Polish creators, they are eager to order them from our native producers. So if wooden toys win among such competition, they undeniably have that "something" that gives them timelessness. Wooden blocks are played with by toddlers several years old, but the fact that one does not grow out of these toys is best proved by the world-famous Jenga set.

Contemporary wooden blocks for various fun and games

Thanks to the use of colors and different shapes, wooden toys in the form of blocks are used both for arranging on a plane, combining various spatial structures, building tall towers or as wooden dominoes. In our offer you will also find an educational memory game. Using wooden cubes for memory training is a great idea for multi-generational play, in which kids, parents and grandparents can participate.

Magnetic wooden blocks, on the other hand, allow you to combine elements in unusual ways, and the small sets available in the offer, allow you to carry them even in small kidsę backpacks. This will allow you to take your favorite toy also on vacation or a weekend trip to the family.

Blocksthe toys you will find in our store are often packed in eco-friendly wooden boxes or linen bags. Many of them are handmade products, which are distinguished by their high quality and careful workmanship. Among the sets you will choose both small sets of a few pieces and those that consist of several hundred bricks.

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Wooden blocks

When choosing wooden blocks you should be guided by the age of the child. Pay attention to the size of the elements if you buy them for toddlers and diverse elements if you choose them for older children. A variety of shapes of wooden blocks will ensure more advanced construction. Among wooden blocks there are natural sets and blocks colorful sets. Be sure to look out for all sorts of certifications on the paints used for the colored pieces.

Wooden blocks can be used to build a variety of castles, houses, entire cities. They are an excellent addition to narrative games where kids play with dolls, teddy bears or cars.They can become a race track for cars or a house for a doll.

Wooden toys for kids are characterized primarily by their natural composition and durability. Here are some of their features:

Natural ingredients: wooden toys are made of natural raw material, which means that they do not contain harmful chemicals. Durability: wood is a durable raw material, making wooden toys resistant to damage and wear. Safety: wooden toys are safe for kids, as they have no sharp edges or small parts that could be easily swallowed. Aesthetic: wooden toys are often beautifully decorated and handmade, allowing for a unique design. Educational: wooden toys can also be educational, such as puzzles, blocks or science-related sets allow kidsom to develop their math, language and logic skills. Eco-friendly: wooden toys are made from natural raw material, which means they have no negative impact on the environment.

Wooden toys may be intended for kids for different ages, but some may be more suitable for certain age groups than others.
For babies and toddlers kids, wooden toys with simple shapes, such as wooden blocks, rattles or interactive toys may be appropriate. They are safe for toddlers and help them develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
For older kids, wooden toys such as puzzles, blocks or board games may be appropriate. These toys allow kidsom to develop math, language and logic skills, and allow them to develop their creativity and imagination.