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Construction blocks Waffle Marioinex

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Type of blocks


Micro Waffle 2 cm 4+
Mini Waffle 3.5 cm 3+
Mini Waffle Konstruktor 3.5 cm 3+
Midi Waffle 5.5 cm 2+
Wafle Standard 10.5 cm 2 +
Konstruktor Classic 2.5 cm 3 +

Construction blocks Waffle Marioinex

construction blocks wafle Marioinex
Kids very much like to create buildings with blocks. With kidsmore creativity colorful houses, vehicles, bridges are created. Blocks waffle make all dreams and plans kids can come true. In a mini version, but always. Construction blocks are characterized by the fact that they can be arranged in any configuration. Marioinex Waffles are made of flexible plastic that can be freely bent. They are small in size, which means that kids can build both small and very large structures with them. Another advantage of Marioinexmini waffle blocks is that they are easy to transport. This allows kid to take them with them, for example, to grandma's for the weekend. Construction blocks are produced in many colors, which makes kids happy to play with them for hours.

Why should you buy your child construction blocks Marioinex?

Playing with blocks increases a toddler's manual skills. Combining small pieces is sometimes quite a challenge for him, but that's a good thing. In addition, construction blocks Marioinex teaches the child patience, accuracy and strategic, logical thinking. Certainly for any parent a big advantage of them will also be that they are completely safe for kid. With construction blocks kid can create vehicles, pens with animals and even dinosaurs. Blocks Marioinex come in several series, which can easily be combined with each other. This allows kid to develop his creative invention even further. When buying construction blocks, you cannot look only at their price. You pay first and foremost for quality. Blocks guarantee your child hours of great fun and are made of very durable material and can serve your child for many years. What more do you want?

What sets of blocks Marioinex construction blocks do we have in our offer?

In our store you will find five types of Marioinex construction blocks. These are: blocks Mini Waffle, blocks Mini Waffle Constructor, blocks Constructor Classic, blocks Micro Waffle and blocks Midi Waffle. They are designed for kids for ages 3 to 6. Blocks Midi Waffle are suitable for the youngest kids. They contain flexible pieces that can be easily connected together. They are safe for toddlers. On the other hand, blocks Mini Waffle Constructor are sets for four-year-olds and slightly older kids. They are very colorful and have many pieces. Building with them is really easy and interesting. You can use them to create not only buildings, but also cute animals and vehicles. While blocks Konstruktor Classic have elements in the shape of classic blocks. Surely any three-year-old will be happy with them.

Marioinex is a company with traditions and a mission

Marioinex creates not only construction blocks, but also other toys, the common feature of which is that they are created with passion, heart and great precision. They are blocks, which have exceptional workmanship, beautiful colors and design. The mission of this company is to help kidsom in their development. Playing with them increases spatial imagination, promotes motor coordination, manual skills and creativity.