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Magnetic whiteboards for kindergartens and schools

When you hear the word blackboard, you probably inextricably associate it with your school days. It was on such a classic black board that lesson topics, homework and difficult mathematical calculations were written down. One wrote on it with white chalk. It is difficult to imagine a school without a blackboard. However, times have changed and now magnetic boards are much more popular. In our offer we have magnet boards designed for kids. However, there are also boards on the market that are suitable for offices or private homes. These types of boards can be hung on the wall and written on it important notes or information about upcoming events. Magnet boards both for kids, and for adults are highly valued for their functionality, ease of use and aesthetic qualities. You can not only write on such a magnet board, but also attach other magnets to it and attach cards to them. Contrary to appearances, this idea can be used not only by adults, but also by older kids, for example, school-age children.

What are the characteristics of magnet boards for kids?

Surely, if you work with children in kindergarten on a daily basis, you know very well that they directly love creative and original games. Such a magnet board will not only be a great toy, but also can be used for learning and acquiring new skills. Such boards for kids can be helpful for learning first letters and numbers and for drawing. Magnetyczne tablice quick-erasable boards should be found in every kindergarten, because they extremely facilitate the daily work of educators. On the surface of such a board it is very easy to hang some teaching aids and according to the need to move them. Classes with the use of such magnetic boards will certainly be much more interesting for the little ones and they will remember them for a long time.

Variety of products - magnetic boards

Despite not many items in the category of magnetic boards, you will find something different for every child here. MadPad Dots magnetic boards, available in two colors, are characterized by a wide variety of elements. Kid by arranging the picture on the board, it exercises patience and trains concentration. The new edition of MadPad boards available in black and red versions, are characterized by a much larger number of balls for arranging, but they are in turn in a much smaller size. An interesting gift idea for both a boy and a girl will also be a double-sided board giving even more possibilities for creation.

Magnetic whiteboards facilitate eye-hand coordination, exercise patience and develop correct habits needed for writing or drawing.

By working with the stylus kid he perpetuates the correct use of the pincer grip. He exercises his hand muscles and develops coordination.

The boards can be used to teach writing and drawing. Mapping out drawings, free drawing or just playing with it will surely give a lot of fun kidsom.