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Blocks morphun GearPhun sprockets and chains


Most people are unaware of the evolution that blocks for kids has undergone in recent years and still have them as simple, immovable toys. A hit these days are construction blocks, which make a toddler feel like a real engineer and design his own building or mechanism that will be fully movable. An example of this type of toys are blocks morphun, which have gained popularity, thanks to their highly original shapes and ways of connection. The Morphun GearPhun series are blocks gears that take creating your own structures to a whole new level. Their components allow you to build really advanced structures, which, on top of that, can perform quite complex movements.

The large number, in which there are blocks, gears in each set, makes it possible for a small constructor to be the author of a whole collection of mobile works. For any lover of blocks, toys from the Morphun series will be a real treat and will certainly provide plenty of entertainment for very long hours. First of all, these are blocks, which build creative logical thinking, develop a child's manual skills, creativity, as well as patience. Buying a ready-made, running car off the shelf in a store is not the same satisfaction as building a vehicle according to one's criteria of liking and further playing with it. Let's give kidsom the opportunity todevelop imagination and further satisfaction from building moving structures.

Blocks Morphun GearPhun ideal for kids over 4 years old

Theinstructions in the kits are tailored to the recommended age of the child and will be a great initial inspiration. The basic construction plastic blocks (squares, triangles and circles) are the same size in all sets. The difference lies in the way the individual blocks are connected together. The side of each square and triangle is 3 cm.

Very important is the satisfaction of the child in the creation of both his constructions and buildings, but not only! The safety of play must be at the highest possible level, so all our products are made in accordance with the EN 71 standard, which makes them CE certified, which defines the safety requirements for toys.