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Blocks pix-It silicone puzzles

Pix-IT - idealne blocks for preschools PIX-IT is blocks absolutely unique. At first, they are associated with a game of ships. We have a white barred surface and stacked on it blocks. Certainly, their very big advantage is that they come in intense, even neon colors. This makes it difficult for a child to take his eyes off them. These blocks are ideal for toddlers who are just learning to map what they have in front of them. All you have to do is spread out the silicone mat in front of your child, which is included in the set. And then show him the picture that he is to reproduce with the blocks. For example, it can be an airplane.

What does the Pix-it set of blocks contain?

PIX-IT is blocks, which are most suitable for prezent dla 4 latka. They are sure to provide him with a lot of fun and, in addition, help him develop new skills. In this category you will find 4 different sets of Pix-it blocks. The largest set has as many as 360 elements, and the smallest set, consisting of 32 elements, will be ideal for starting the adventure with Pix-it series blocks. In the largest set you will find two stacking mats, one in green and the other transparent, plus two books with inspirations for creating images. An interesting set is also Pix-it Rainbow, 180 elements in very vivid colors with prints of letters, numbers and emoticons, and all packed in an aesthetic bag, which will help to keep order in kidschildren's room.

There is no end to the fun with Pix-it blocks!

All elements are made of silicon plastic material. Nice to the touch element will appeal to both girls and boys. It has long been known that for kids 's favorite pastime is assembling puzzles and building with blocks, Pix-it sets are a combination of two favorite fields of play for your kids.

Can stacking silicone pieces on a mat have an educational impact?

Of course it can! These are eductional blocks not only because they are recommended by MENSA, but also because thanks to them kid can, for example, learn letters and numbers by stacking them with blocks on the mat. While stacking kid he develops both his imagination, creativity, mathematical skills, as well as his ability to concentrate and focus on the task at hand.