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Plastic blocks


Colorful plastic blocks is a must-have item in every home, school and kindergarten or play spaces. Of all the categories of toys blocks do not lose their popularity, and the subsequent variants amaze not only with intense colors, but above all with classic and innovative shapes that can be combined with each other and create attractive constructions according to the instructions or your own idea. There are so many possibilities that blocks can be played with endlessly and even adults succumb to their magic, and many types of blocks allow you to learn new shapes and create more interesting constructions.

Blocks of plastic - why is it worth buying them for your child?

Invariably blocks, which we offer at, are a real gift hit. Of course, it is always necessary to take into account the age, abilities and interests of the toddler to ensure not only safe play, but also real fun. This is also one of those amusements that is very educational and develops logical thinking. First of all, blocks support the development of small motor skills, stimulate creativity, and teach spatial thinking. The collections include smaller and larger sets, and many of them are themed, which will be perfect for a lover of bridges, urbanism, vehicles or animals. It's also an ideal lesson in counting, reading and recognizing colors and shapes.

Plastic blocks for building, or creative games

Both boys and girls, younger and older kids are reaching for plastic blocks for kids . This toy allows you to create amazing constructions and start from scratch every time. For many kids is the most interesting way to learn about the principles of construction and the laws of physics. So the carpet in the room can be a real testing ground and a place where imagination at its best will rule. Of great interest are construction blocks or magnetic, which provide an opportunity to develop the skills of builders at every stage of great fun. Attractive elements and spectacular constructions are the result of time spent creatively and creatively. And this is why there is such a willingness to move away from ready-made instructions.

What are the differences between the various sets of building blocks in our store?

Proposed blocks for kids is a range of sets that are a guarantee of hours of uninhibited fun. One returns to it again and again, because this activity never gets boring, and many people, in addition to building, also derive joy from demolition. After all, this is the best opportunity to start over. Leading manufacturers, on the other hand, care about the best possible quality of materials and finishing. As a result, plastic blocks are safe, contain no harmful substances and will last for many hours of even very intense play. They will also certainly serve new generations, if, of course, we want to give the colorful pieces in a variety of shapes to anyone. In our offer you will find many types of building blocks. See which set of blocks will be perfect for your child, choose plastic blocks for your child today.

Blocks - perfect plastic toys for kids for different ages

Thanks to the different sizes and shapes of the blocks, you can easily match them to the manual abilities and tastes kids. Multi-piece packages will also serve a larger group kids, who can create together a variety of buildings or thematic scenes. Blocks are timeless toys, and their modern versions delight the next generation. You can choose traditional jointed building blocks, as well as slip-on snowflakes, openwork wafers, stars, circles or squares. Printed letters, numbers, emoticons, as well as pinwheel shapes are just part of the range of these educational toys.

Blocks it's learning and fun in one, so it's worth reaching for them often and encouraging kids to do creative tasks. Stacking blocks stimulates the imagination, and at the same time will teach patience and consistency in pursuit of the goal, after all, the competition in building the highest tower is probably the oldest competition that has been held for many decades on the floors of many homes.

Modern plastic toys can be adjusted in size to the size of kidslittle hands, so that the joy of creation and play, will feel both the toddler, who is just beginning to know blocks and the principles of their combination, and a few years old approaching devoting even several hours of play at the assembly of various structures.

Plastic blocks - convenient to clean and store

Easy to close box with blocks, can be stacked in the corner of the room without worrying about spilling the contents. Blocks are also available in large screw-top jars, buckets with a lid or plastic tubes. So they won't fall out of the package, and the room can be kept impeccably tidy. Learning to clean up after play is one of the important stages of raising a child, and you don't need to buy additional containers blocks.

The smooth, water-resistant surface of plastic toys is easy to clean, so even if blocks are used in various conditions outside the house, dirty with plasticine residues, sand or other dirt, you will quickly get rid of unwanted residues, and by the way, also bacteria.

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Plastic blocks

Types of plastic blocks. In general, we can divide plastic blocks into those with identical shapes and blocks different elements. The second type of division is the type of material from which they are made. Here we can list blocks made of hard, semi-hard and plastic materials.

From plastic blocks you can build both little complicated structures and highly advanced constructions. This, of course, depends on the age of the child, as well as the number of elements in each set. The older kids the level of difficulty increases, the number and type of elements also.

Plastic blocks good quality, safety-certified for kids are, above all, durable and lightweight. They can be washed ensuring kidsom hygiene, which is necessary after all. It is all the more important that blocks are played with kids in groups thanks to which it is easier to control cleanliness.

Plastic toys are characterized by the fact that they are made of plastic, such as polypropylene, polyethylene or PVC. They are lightweight, durable and easy to manufacture, making them popular and less expensive than toys made of other materials. They are also often more resistant to damage than wooden or metal toys.

Plastic toys are usually durable and long-lasting. Plastic is resistant to moisture, UV radiation, corrosion and various other factors that could damage other types of toys. Plastic toys are also quite resistant to bumps and falls, making them good for kids, who often play with toys on the move.