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Large blocks for kids Giants

Among the changing assortment of toys for kids, you can find some that show resistance to current trends. We are, of course, talking about building blocks, which for many years have been an integral part of proper development kids. At the root of such great popularity, stands a huge number of advantages, which include the growth of manual skills, the formation of patience, the development of eye-hand coordination or concentration. The huge variety - both of shapes and colors - is an effective incentive to create more and more imaginative constructions. So we recommend blocks Giants - one of the largest construction models that are on the market. Indispensable for both home and public use: nurseries or kindergartens. Attested, made of safe, high quality materials, resistant to intensive use. They do not pose any problems in assembling, so they provide a lot of fun while building, while the created objects are an introduction to further carefree play. A huge house, or maybe a long train that will start transporting dolls and mascots? With Gigant blocks there is no room for boredom!

Why else should you choose Blocks Giants?

They can come in the form of traditional plastic blocks with very large elements, or they can be in the form of wafers. The former are perfect for building buildings, people or vehicles with them. Wafers, on the other hand, are more suitable for creating various objects from them. It should also be mentioned that they are very good blocks dla 3 latka, because sometimes they are even half of its height. Therefore, kid can easily build a house out of them, for example, where they can play with friends. Blocks The wafer-shaped Giants in the set also have wheels, so you can build a vehicle out of them and drive it around the house. The wafer-shaped Giants blocks can even be played with outdoors, as they are weatherproof. Blocks they are very colorful, so they will look great in any garden. Blocks large sizes are available in many sets. The smallest start with 20 pieces, and the largest have more than 100 pieces. They may also include additional elements, for example, slides or wheels, which further increases the possibilities of play. Great plastic blocks to help develop a child's creativity.

Blocks Giant are big for the youngest . blocks kids

Their large size is very impressive for toddlers. They are plastic, large safe pieces that have no sharp edges. The large size of the blocks makes it easy kidsom a firm grip and they easily connect to each other. The set includes small and large blocks, axles with wheels and hitches. All in XL size.
Thanks to the large size of the individual elements, you can build a sizable building, which will easily become a home for our kid. Excellent workmanship and vivid colors will convince kids to play. Stable and durable houses, defensive walls, fortresses will be a challenge for small builders. Giants are blocks, which are ideal for playing also in the garden. The little builder will also be able to participate in the creation of their first wheeled vehicles of specific sizes. Kids will be able to use such built block vehicles to transport a variety of objects. As it is well known, playing with transportation is a game that brings smiles and joy to little kids.