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Blocks for LinkZoo narrative games

Which kid does not like friendly animals living in exotic regions? It is with animal lovers and adventurers in mind that blocks plastic LinkaZoo was created, thanks to which a toddler can create his own miniature jungle. Along with the set, kid receives 216 elements representing animals, grass, trees, ists or moving platforms.
From the available blocks it is possible to get countless combinations involving different animals. It is enough to let your imagination run wild for a moment to create a funny construction that defies the laws of physics. Each animal can be easily caught in such a way that it merrily climbs upwards, thus obtaining circus acrobatics. Blocks for kids zoo is, above all, great fun for the whole family. Connecting more animals together provides incredible fun and encourages crazy combinations. This form of play will not only put all its participants in a good mood, but also stimulate their imagination and turn on creative thinking.
Construction blocks zoo is an excellent toy for kids at almost any age - both 4-year-olds and older kids will love it . All elements included in the set have been designed with great attention to detail, so that both animals and elements of nature look extremely aesthetically pleasing, which is further emphasized by the nice saturated colors. High-quality plastic was used in the production of the blocks, which makes all the elements durable and safe. It would seem that blocks is such a toy that can no longer surprise us in anything. A plastic structure, with a variety of construction and shape, designed to be put together. But is it, to be sure? Is it right to make it so shallow? Of course not! And the best example of this are eductional blocks LinkaZoo, which are far from their traditional counterparts - in every possible aspect!

Construction toys that will encourage many a (small) skeptic....

You only need to look at the sets of animals in the LinkaZoo series to quickly see that they are far from the original, classic idea. In fact, they are an absolute novelty, and not only because of the form, but also the way they are connected. Blocks they are distinguished by the unusual place of joining, dictated by the different form of each of them, and thus their different location. In practice, this means constant attempts by the small builder to design and risk more and more new layouts, without any ready-made schemes to replicate. Eductional blocks LinkaZoo will appeal even to those little ones who are not fond of building. All because they provide the perfect backdrop for narrative play, at the root of which is the acting out of genre scenes and various stories. Ready-made animal figures, maintained in interesting and juicy colors, will bring the younger kidsom the world of flora and fauna, while older ones will get acquainted with the essence of building, especially since they have movable platforms, not found in other sets. As of today, the traditional blocks has a replacement. And it is LinkaZoo educational building block sets, allowing you to create your own jungle - without leaving home!