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Blocks up to 59 zł for kids

Playing with blocks promotes the development of imagination, develops spatial orientation and creativity. It is an excellent method to develop a child's fine motor skills and improve concentration. All these skills will certainly come in handy for them in adulthood and at school. By building from scratch, interesting constructions with blocks, each kid can feel carefree. They can discover new talents in themselves. Zestawy klocków do not have to be expensive. The cheapest ones start from as little as PLN 50

Why is it worth buying a child blocks?

Playing with blocks supports the proper development of the toddler. It entertains and teaches. Modern blocks are usually extremely colorful, which encourages the toddler to put them together. Surely kid will be very happy to create his first constructions, such as animal pens, zoo or vehicles, for example. When a set contains a lot of elements in it, such fun is not boring for a very long time. In addition, there is nothing to prevent the toddler from inviting his friends and together they create new cities from the blocks. You can also always buy your child another set of Loowi blocks and thus make him very happy.

What blocks to 50 zł to buy a child?

Blocks up to 50 zł do not have to be ugly, poor quality and monotonous. In this category you will find extremely diverse sets, from such reputable manufacturers as, for example, Loowi, Ludus, Meli, Morphun, or PlusPlus. They are designed for toddlers from 2 to 6 years old. In this category we have placed both very interesting construction blocks, and complementary sets. With these blocks kid will be able to build, for example, a favorite animal or a castle for a princess. All sets of blocks in this category are characterized by very high quality workmanship and are safe for kid. They do not contain any toxic substances in them. There is a wide variety of elements in the sets. The smallest ones have up to a dozen parts in them, and the largest ones up to several hundred. For ease of use, the kits are accompanied by detailed instructions.