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Blocks manipulative Bamp Straws

Bamp are sets of plastic colorful straws, from which you can create various spatial puzzles. The simple principle of folding the tubes makes it possible to design and build any construction in a few moments. Bamp is a toy that allows to develop spatial imagination, as well as improves coordination and refines the precision of movements. It also teaches self-discipline, attention and gives 100% satisfaction with the created objects.

Why is it worth buying a set of Bamp straws?

The constructions created can be in two dimensions - 2D or 3-dimensional. You can start with simple forms on the floor or table and later move on to more advanced constructions. Tubes can be used to teach counting, grouping or sorting. The applications in play really can be many. The only limitation can be only imagination. The largest set is packaged in an aesthetically pleasing, durable container with a handle, which will not only help to maintain order in the room kidsę, but also allow you to carry the game to a place of your choice kid .

What will we find in the set?

The set includes blocks tubes and connectors. The tubes are colorful and colorful and encourage play. This is an extremely creative toy for small as well as larger kids. The different sets of Bamp straws differ not only in the number of pieces, but also in the length of the tubes. In the standard smaller packs there are 20 cm long tubes with connectors. In large sets there are tubes of two lengths (10 cm and 20 cm) which gives more variety in the assembled constructions. Blocks straws are available in different quantity configurations. You will find sets starting from 200 elements to sets with as many as 1000 elements!

Safety of play

Educational form of play is a very important element during the development of a small child, but above all it must be safe, so on our site you will find age groupings referring to the safety of play. All products in our offer have been made in accordance with theEN 71 standard, so they have CE certificate, which defines the safety requirements for toys.