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Magical blocks for kids Magical Magnet

Magical Magnet building block sets are a unique chance for your child to stimulate his creativity and create unique magnetic models. Magnetic blocks the bricks and elements included in each set are characterized by durability and high quality of workmanship - this also applies to magnets, which allow connecting individual elements together. Differentiated sets in terms of the number of blocks and their shapes allow you to choose the right set depending on your preferences.
Among the sets, an interesting proposition will be blocks Magic Cubes 56 el. or Magic Cubes 28 el. - which, in addition to the typical feature of building blocks - are also a logical game of arranging shapes. This develops spatial imagination and logical thinking. The set also includes worksheets with graded difficulty of models.

Magnetic blocks Tangram - this is a universal toy for kids at different ages. All the pieces are very easy to combine both in flat and spatial constructions. Shape tangram is a game that has been known for a very long time and also has features of a logic puzzle. Matching the right shapes will surely bring joy to kidsom of different ages. Colorful blocks with simple shapes is an excellent toy that develops the abilities of small constructors. The set also comes with interesting stickers that allow to "bring to life" the constructions built.
At the beginning of the adventure with the sets of bricks from the Magical Magnet series, a big help will certainly prove to be the extensive instructions attached to the sets, containing tips and interesting ideas for constructing a variety of structures. Blocks Magical Magnet will help to lay a solid foundation for further development at future stages of education, because through play the child learns logical thinking and creative use of available elements. Sets of Magical Magnetic blocks are available for kids from the age of 3. Also check out other interesting Magnetic toys from our offer: blocks MagFun and blocks Flip&Snap.