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Plafor plastic containers

Probably every parent knows that keeping a room occupied by kid in order can be compared to a miracle. Many times long hours of cleaning get mediocre results after the first playtime. The situation can be complicated when its object becomes eductional blocks. While mascots and other large toys can be put back in their place relatively quickly, in the case of blocks their taming will make many a caregiver dizzy. We have a solution for this! We offer boxes for blocks Plafor, which will not only teach kids to clean up, but also train them to be systematic in their actions.

Why is u a mess?

There may be many reasons why keeping for kid tidy is a skill that goes far beyond his individual abilities. While in some cases it is related to sending overly vague messages like "clean up the room," in others it may be due to a lack of designated places to do so. After all, it's hard to organize plastic blocks or construction toys without having the right accessories to do so. That's why we come to the rescue, offering an extremely functional and practical collection of boxes for blocks. Their useful as well as aesthetic qualities will be appreciated by all parents. While the transparent walls will provide a quick glimpse of the stored treasures, the colorful lid will allow you to colorfully match the kidskid's room. In our opinion, this is a hit that should not be missing in any home!

In this category you will find containers of different sizes, the 5 liter box will be a fantastic solution for storing small things. Containers of 6.3 liters and 9.1 liters with different colors of handles and lids are certainly a super alternative to maintain aesthetics and order in kidsę room.