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Plastic blocks PlusPlus


Produced by the Danish company blocks Plus Plus are extremely popular proposals for younger and slightly older kids. First of all, the brand is a guarantee of the best quality. In addition, the attention is also attracted by extremely economical design. The individual elements have a uniform shape and resemble two fused pluses. Thanks to various ways of combining, you can get two-dimensional or three-dimensional constructions, which only your imagination suggests.

Construction blocks Plus Plus for boys and girls

The popular blocks, which we offer at, has revolutionized the way we think about building structures. In this case, extremely simple elements give countless possible combinations, and thus the fun never gets boring and is invariably addictive. This is a sensational gift idea for younger and older lovers of stacking and building. It is also an investment in developing competence, stimulating creativity and improving small motor skills, and these qualities are useful not only in education, but throughout later life. Thus, creative play can not only be a source of joy and satisfaction, but also bring a number of positive skills.

What are the characteristics of blocks Plus Plus brand?

Children of all ages are eager to reach for blocks Plus Plus for kids. It's also a passionate pastime for adults, so it can unite generations on building together. Invariably, too, blocks are chosen by girls and boys, and the constructions themselves are often the result of interests as such. Individual sets vary in color, and many variants feature leitmotifs, and these are more likely to suit a particular gender, but do not condition anything. So in the collections there will be pastel pieces with princesses, neon colors, for example, behind animals - including fantastic ones like unicorns. Of course, you can also find proposals with more subdued colors, and completing the collection with new sets is a real joy for the lover of large structures.

Advantages of Plus Plus bricks

Sensational blocks for kids give a chance to build flat and spatial structures. Thus, they have a sensational effect on the imagination and are the best incentive to improve their skills. Kids eagerly reach for sets thematically, such as the zoo, fire department or police, create constructions according to the instructions, as well as invent their own constructions as diverse as their imagination tells them. It is also worth noting that these blocks stand out in the market for their excellent quality. The Danish manufacturer has taken care to impress not only with a simple Scandinavian design, but also prepares its products in accordance with European safety standards. Blocks do not contain PVC and phthalates and are sensational for kids from the age of three. Choose them for your little one.