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Magnetic whiteboards for kids Magpad

Fun and learning in one with a magnetic whiteboard!

MagPad - Dots quickly grabs the attention of kids and can keep it for a long time. The large, multi-piece board, tempts with its classic colors and compact form. It's a toy that doesn't require batteries, because its operation is based on a magnet. And it is known, in magnetic toys kids always see a bit of magic.

What developmental benefits does the MagPad magnetic board bring to kidsthe world?

Playing with the magnetic board for kids is primarily about exercising small motor skills - hand-eye coordination, precision, and strengthening hands and fingers. MagPad - Dots helps prepare kid to perform self-service activities, writing, drawing and to master the correct pincer grip. The toy can be used to teach math - simple operations, the basics of geometry - and to begin the adventure of coding. While arranging the pictures, the toddler exercises patience and trains concentration, and these are key skills in today's over-stimulated world. The preschooler can develop creativity while making his own compositions. Magnetic boards for kids also older ones can be a fun form of calming and relaxation. And one more thing, despite its large size, the board is compact. This means that none of the small elements hidden behind the plastic glass will fall out. MagPad - Dots can be played with comfortably on the go, in the doctor's waiting room, in the garden.

Types of magnetic boards

In this category you will find 3 types of magnetic boards: MagPad Dots, double-sided MagPad Letters and Numbers board and the third new MagPad board cover, which contains up to 714 balls! Each board comes with attractive instructions, playing with them teaches you to start a task and complete it to the end. It is also possible to buy the stylus itself in our store.

Kid first of all, he learns patience in pursuing his goal. In addition, mapping, combining elements or grouping colors.

We offer 3 types of boards. Letters and Numbers - a double-sided whiteboard for easy learning of writing. A standard large board for freehand drawing, and a Mag Pad Dots board with colorful elements behind a safe cover.

Of course - that's what they were made for as well. Learning to write, draw, map or group colors are the advantages of our boards.