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Construction blocks Morphun Junior Starter Rainbow


The rainbow version of English blocks for kids Morphun offers a whole new challenge for little builders. A full range of new colorful possibilities await little engineers and builders. Colorful construction blocks encourage developmental play, and the instructions included with each set allow for an even more interesting time. Blocks are recommended for kids for ages 3 and up. They have no small parts - all blocks are the right size for small hands. Combining individual elements is easy and fun.

Blocks made of the highest quality materials - so they are durable and allow you to enjoy their advantages for a long time. With this type of toys kids combine fun with learning. Spending a pleasant time, kids develop manual skills, spatial imagination or small motor skills. They group and combine pieces into larger multidimensional models that they can play with for a long time. These are extremely developing blockswith many advantages for the development of kids at different ages.

For kids at what age are these blocks > recommended.

Morphun Junior Starter Rainbow are recommended for kids for ages 3 and older and contain no small parts. The instructions included in all sets are fully adapted to the child's age and allow for rewarding play for many hours. The basic plastic blocks (squares, triangles and circles) are the same size in all sets. The difference lies in the way the individual blocks are connected to each other. The side of each square and triangle is 3 cm - the diameter of the circle is 5.5 cm The sets are packaged in aesthetically pleasing and durable boxes, which make it possible to move the play to a place of kid choice and share it with colleagues.

In the Morphun Junior Starter Rainbow category you will find many interesting sets of blocks. The first worthy of recommendation is a set from which kid can build, as many as 12 colorful vehicles! The second - a set of as many as 500 elements, many hours of fantastic fun and a huge number of opportunities to create constructions. Of course, it is always possible to buy complementary sets or instructions for each type of Morphun bricks in our store.