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Construction blocks Morphun Junior Starter


There is no person who is unfamiliar with playing with building blocks, but not everyone is aware of the evolution that has taken place in this industry. Today blocks for kids can take unusual shapes, using many original solutions. One of the most interesting varieties are construction blocks for the youngest, which allow toddlers to take on the role of a small engineer. A good example for this category are blocks Morphun, which have been gaining popularity recently. A large variety of colors, interesting parts and ways of combining individual elements make them meet with great interest from kids.

These are ideal blocks for a 3-year-old, although also much older kid will certainly have fun with them. The upper age limit is not specified, as an older toddler will simply make better use of their capabilities and create more complex constructions. If you intended to buy big as a gift for your kid, then blocks Morphun will be an ideal choice. These types of developing toys make you combine fun with education.This is the best way to learn for kids. The pleasure of building multidimensional structures and the ease of creating them are important aspects of any block play.

For whom are blocks Morphun Junior Starter intended ?

Construction blocks morphun Junior Starter type are recommended for kids at the age of 3+ and do not contain small parts, so from an early age kids can start a unique adventure with blocks from the Morphun series. The instructions included with the sets will be a great initial inspiration for your little one. Why initial? Kids at such a young age have a widely developed imagination, so by starting to play with Morphun blocks they will enter their world of play. Of course, all instructions in the sets are adapted to the recommended age of the child. The basic constructional plastic blocks (squares, triangles and circles) are the same size in all sets. The difference lies in the way the individual blocks are connected to each other. The side of each square and triangle is 3 cm - the diameter of the circle is 5.5 cm.