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Construction blocks Morphun Junior


Everyone is perfectly familiar with blocks for kids , but not everyone realizes that in addition to having fun, they can also help a child's development. It is for this purpose that special construction blocks, which allow the formation of spatial skills and stimulate creativity, were created. They offer many more possibilities to fit and combine individual elements than traditional versions. An example of this type of toy is plastic blocks Morphun, which is an extremely original product. They use an unusual way of tying individual segments into elaborate structures, which also have movable modules.

These are great blocks for a 4-year-old who is beginning to build more advanced structures from traditional parts. With these kids they will develop their skills and the only limit for them will be their imagination. All large blocks for kids of the Morphun series are available in a variety of kit options that allow you to create a collection according to your needs. For younger ones, we also recommend checking out ofertę klocków dla 3 latków.

What distinguishes blocks Morphun Junior ?

Construction blocks morphun Junior types are recommended for kids for ages 4 and older. The instructions in the sets are tailored to the recommended age of the child. The basic constructional plastic blocks (squares, triangles and circles) are the same size in all sets. The difference lies in the way the individual blocks are connected to each other. The side of each square and triangle is 3.2 cm - the diameter of the circle is 5.5 cm. Theblocksconnect with Lego DUPLO.

TheMorphun Junior category is a huge range of possibilities, starting from the smallest sets of 100 elements, which can be a fantastic start to get acquainted with blocks, to sets with as many as 1200 elements, for small admirers of spending many hours creating original and unusual constructions that they can later boast about. There is something different in this category for every 4-year-old. Is your little kid interested in animals or does he like watching cartoons with mystical creatures? Now buying a set according to your child's interests will enable him to build his own dragon, ogre or hare.