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Morphun Instructions - add-ons for building blocks


Invariably for generations blocks for kids have been very popular and one of the most purchased toys for the youngest. A parent of any child knows how difficult it is to keep a single set together. Individual pieces are already lost in a short time, effectively allowing the full enjoyment of play. Especially for such situations in the range of morphun blocks there is a whole series of additional complementary sets. The same problem faces the instructions for the blocks, while the elements themselves are very susceptible to damage, the paper guides already usually have a very short life.

For more elaborate sets, it's good to be able to back up with the authors' instructions. Destroyed morphun instructions are not a problem, however, as most of them can be bought separately and continue to enjoy the fun of creating new structures. Every parent of a small morphun blocks lover should check out the very wide range of add-ons for this series of products.