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Blocks Morphun Junior Xtra


For most people it seems that blocks for kids are toys in which little can surprise anymore. Their main idea hasn't changed for years and is constantly about combining small pieces into larger structures. This stereotype is being broken by construction blocks morphun, which bring a breath of fresh air to the industry. These are highly original blockseducational pieces that are designed to effectively support a child's development while providing great fun. Thanks to the use of innovative connection systems, they offer completely new construction possibilities.

For any young builder they will provide a source of endless ideas. The Morphun Junior Xtra set is blocks for 4 year olds, they are designed for those who are looking for more ways to expand their compositions. All offered plastic blocks, although made of plastic, are fully safe for kids and do not contain harmful substances. If you want to surprise your kid and show a new form of a familiar toy, then blocks morphun will be a good choice.

Junior Xtra are additional construction elements - connectors in each set of

Construction blocks morphun Junior Xtra types are recommended for kids for ages 4 and older. They are built on the basis of Morphun Junior bricks and contain additional elements (connectors) and instructions to expand the possibilities of building with Morphun Junior plastic bricks. The instructions in the kits are tailored to the recommended age of the child and will provide initial inspiration for customized builds.

Thebasic constructional blocksplastic blocks (squares, triangles and circles) are the same size in all sets. The difference lies in the way the individual blocks are connected to each other. The side ofeach square and triangle is 3 cm - the diameter of the circleis 5.5 cm