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Blocks Obludarium

eductional blocks Obludarium You can easily create truly unique pets from Obludarium blocks. This toy will appeal to both girls and boys. Blocks are made of high quality materials. They are sure to last for many years of daily play. Their advantage is also that they are pleasant to the touch and easy to hold, which is especially important for smaller kids. Blocks they are also extremely colorful, which further enhances the joy of play. There are a lot of pieces in the sets, so they are ideal for spending time together, for example, with parents or friends. The blocks can also be played with outdoors, as they are weatherproof. Funny animals are sure to amuse your kid, even on a very cloudy day.

Advantages of Obludarium blocks

Blocks Obludarium blocks have the advantage of being very easy to put together. All you have to do is push the selected piece into the body and wait for the characteristic sound, which confirms that it sticks well. Playing with these blocks can also have an educational function, as through them kid can learn to recognize basic body parts. He can also learn about some types of animals, such as birds. These eductional blocks also allow him to develop manual skills, since connecting the pieces together requires a moment of concentration and the execution of a precise movement by kidshis hands. In addition, if your toddler likes animals, he is sure to like such a toy very much and will play with it for hours. This is an excellent blocks dla 4 latka.
When playing with a set of educational blocks Obludarium, a smile is sure to appear on the child's face. Particularly noteworthy is the unusual way of connecting the pieces together. The selected body parts are pressed into the body until a characteristic sound is heard. In this uncomplicated way, a durable construction of the animal is created, which can be given different poses. And that's not all! From the built creatures and other sets kid can create a whole zoo! It will be all the more special, as it will contain animals that cannot be found in everyday life. Thanks to playing with educational blocks, the toddler will remember and learn to name the basic parts of the body, as well as open up to new ideas and original solutions.