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Plastic blocks Plus Plus Mini

Construction blocks PlusPlus are characterized, contrary to appearances, by their simple construction. The components in the available sets are of uniform shape, with their appearance resembling two plus signs fused together. So, what distinguishes blocks PlusPlus Mini? The answer is simple, first of all by size. The PlusPlus Mini series of building blocks sets are designed for kids for ages 4 and up, and there is something different for every little kid. Such a simple construction of a piece, and so many possibilities.

Buying such a set of blocks, we allow the child to create images in the favorite puzzle format - flat, as well as 3D constructions. Fun and education at the same time is a perfect combination, and such possibilities are given to us by blocks PlusPlus. Creating constructions from 2-centimeter pieces requires, above all, concentration and precision, thanks to which, kid exercises its manual skills, develops small motor skills and shapes spatial imagination.

What can be found in the set?

The PlusPlus company first of all took care of the variety of sets. Although the type of block in each set is the same, there is something different for every child. For the beginning of the adventure, both for a boy and a girl, packages consisting of 100 elements will be a great solution. Here you will also find themed sets for lovers of animals, police cars or fire department. The largest set in this category consists of as many as 6,000 elements, which allows several kids to play at once. Instructions included with the sets will allow the child to get acquainted with the first inspirations of construction. A boy dreams of a police future? Let him build his own police car, policeman figure, or helicopter. Girls love to play with dolls, sets with beautiful pastel colors will allow little princesses to build a palace, a horse, or their own yacht.


Education through play is a super alternative, but first of all it must be safe, so all our products are made in accordance with theEN 71 standard, making
CE certified, which defines the safety requirements for toys.