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Plastic blocks Plus Plus Big


Construction blocks PlusPlus in a new version! Already well known to us, 2 cm blocks with a seemingly simple structure, now in a new, larger version intended for kids from 3 years of age. The standard construction of fused together two plus signs remained unchanged, but the size of the element increased up to 5 cm. Making blocks of solid, hard material will allow you to build large stable structures.

In this category you will find sets of blocks packaged both in aesthetically pleasing cardboard boxes and resealable plastic containers, but not only that, standing out among other sets will be packaging in the form of a metal suitcase. A set of 70 elements, large sturdy blocks packed in a beautiful suitcase, which will allow you to carry the game and share it with friends and colleagues will be an ideal gift for a boy or a girl.

What does the set contain?

First of all, let's pay attention to the color scheme of the sets, there is something different for every little one. With a view to little princesses, there were created sets in beautiful pastel and neon colors, from which you can arrange cute animals, unicorns or palaces. Construction blocks for boys, on the other hand, have a more subdued color scheme - basic colors, shades of gray and khaki predominate. In the PlusPlus BIG category, you will find sets of 200 or even 400 pieces in different colors. The kits come with tiles on which kid can create even more stable structures. The instructions included with the kits will be your kids' initial inspiration for creation.

Why should you buy construction blocks PlusPlus BIG?

Apart from the fact that stacking blocks is one of the favorite activities for kids, the educational form of play should be noted above all. Blocks PlusPlus arouse interest kids and encourage creative thinking. Construction blocks
are practical means for modeling and realizing ideas kids, developing their manual skills and eye-hand coordination.Models allow kidsom to explore the flexibility of form and movement. It is also important that playing with building blocks allows to develop social, communication, team and methodological skills kids by giving kidsom the opportunity to cooperate in a group and share their ideas. Kids acquire the ability to develop general as well as specificproblem-solving skills, which has a considerable impact on the proper development of the child.


Educational form of play is a very important element during the development of a small child, but first of all it must be safe, so on our site you will find age groupings referring to the safety of play, and all the products that you can see in our offer have been made
in accordance with the EN 71 standard, which makesthem CE certified, which defines the safety requirements for toys.