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Blocks for kids Meli Maxi Constructor [42x42 mm]


Meli Maxi Constructor is a unique construction blocks. If you are keen for your kid to develop motor coordination and learn how to create beautiful constructions with blocks, then buying any of the sets from this series will be the best choice. Blocks Meli Maxi Constructor are designed for the youngest kids as young as 1 year old. Blocks What Meli Maxi Constructor have in common is that they have extremely large pieces, the smallest piece reaches 4.2 x 4.2 cm.

This makes it easier for a toddler to put them together and there is no risk of swallowing them. They can be used in a variety of ways. Another advantage of Meli Maxi Constructor sets is the ability to build both flat and spatial constructions from basic elements, and thanks to special task elements such as circles, axes and hexagons, the fun will get a boost! This is where parental help comes in handy. From Meli Maxi bricks you can build together, for example, a tank, an airplane, a rocket, a driving vehicle. Girls are sure to be much more pleased when they create a teddy bear, a duck, an elephant or a doll house from pastel-colored blocks. Blocks are very colorful, which is sure to interest any to ddler.
Blocks Meli Maxi Constructor allow to develop manual skills in a child. The first blocks for kid , should connect as easily as possible. Otherwise the toddler will get discouraged with them. It is a good idea to choose blocks Meli Maxi, because they do not have any snaps and catches. They are easy to connect as well as disconnect. Kid is sure to like playing with them, and in addition, they will increase their manual skills, because playing with blocks requires quite a lot of precision. Which set will you choose?
Construction blocks MELI MAXI CONSTRUCTOR - large pieces for small builders. If you are looking for something for a younger child, these will work very well. The sets contain large pieces that are extremely simple to put together. blocks The much larger pieces also mean greater ease of building larger structures. The basic pieces are shaped like a jigsaw puzzle, so they easily assemble into beautiful 2D and 3D shapes. They are colorful, so they are sure to pique your interest and hold his attention for a long time. Made of durable and safe plastic, they can serve as a good toy for a very long time. Each set is packed in a durable cardboard colorful box, a good kid idea for an interesting gift .